We work with innovative companies, creative agencies, artists, and museums, as their secret weapon; helping them do the impossible. Here are some examples …

floorplan for the Sol LeWitt retrospective at MASS MoCA

Sol LeWitt @ MASS MoCA

Built a fleet of time-lapse cameras to record the installation of a retrospective

MASS MoCA needed help documenting their upcoming Sol LeWitt retrospective, an unprecedented collection of wall drawings covering a three floor warehouse.

So we built an array of wireless time-lapse cameras that we distributed throughout the building to record the creation of the drawings. Using the hundreds of thousands of photos taken by these cameras, we edited together movies of the drawing process, and placed them on the LeWitt website.

BrownsBrewing.com homepage

Brown’s Brewing Co.

Designed and built an innovative content management system

In 2008 we helped Brown's Brewing Company build their new website—along with an innovative and intuitive content-management system that allows them to keep their content up to date on a daily basis.

We also built them a system for sending daily and monthly newsletters to help them keep in touch with their customers and fans.

BrownsBrewing.com homepage

Pitney Bowes

Designed and built a digital billboard system for their Troy lobby

Pitney Bowes Business Insight is a leader in location intelligence. To help communicate their brand and show off their technology, we built a dynamic digital billboard for the lobby of their Troy, NY office building.

Powered by a beefy 8-core Mac Pro, the system pulls live data off the internet and presents it on the large plasma display through custom-built on-the-fly motion graphics. The system can be updated and managed from anywhere via a powerful web application back-end.

See documentation of Jenny Holzer's Projections

Jenny Holzer

Jackadam built a robotic camera system to provide a live photostream on the web for Holzer's year-long Projections exhibit in Building 5 at MASS MoCA.

Visit Frelinghuysen Morris

Frelinghuysen Morris

We worked with designer Jenny Wright to bring her vision onto the web and spread the word about George L.K. Morris and Suzy Frelinghuysen.

Visit Frelinghuysen Morris

EMPAC Opening

We developed a visual performance for a 360° screen at the opening of RPI's new Performing Arts Center, alongside Madlib and J Rocc.

See id29's "How To Be a Better Client"


Jackadam directed, shot, and edited a video for id29's "How To Be a Better Client" promotion and put together a website to host it.

Try out semantic inequality

Semantic Inequality

Use the uncanny power of magical internet voodoo to definitively determine which of two things is greater than the other (Try it, it's fun).